Jury of Fears Makes a Classic Their Own with Paint it Black

I can honestly say Chicago’s own Jury Of Fears has been my inspiration since the first time I met this talented group of musicians.

Jury Of Fears has been that jolt of life that the Chicagoland metal scene has been looking for. Their first single – #Deadbeat – took off like wildfire, with playtime on Rock Rage Radio and stations in Texas, Pennsylvania and even Australia!!! They love JOF down under!

Their dedication to their metal craft is clear as crystal when you see Jury of Fears live. Energetic and fierce, Jury Of Fears makes you want to stand up and say #Fuckyeah to breathing life back into rock!

Now that they’ve perfected their sound and played a myriad of shows, Jury of Fears will be releasing their cover of the Rolling Stones classic, “Paint it Black” on May 11th.

I have always loved this song, especially with the eerie subject matter it refers to. I am proud to say I have heard the track and it hits aggressively on so many levels!!!!

Justin, the leading force, uses his husky vocals to give a haunting vibe to the song. Make sure to pay particular attention to the ending of the song where Justin is singing “la la la la…” It gives me goosebumps each time and I fucking love it.

Shea always impresses me. He has a gentle soul but is such a demon playing his #espguitar you would think he sold his soul at the crossroads. Shea is one hell of a composer and his skill on full display with #paintitblack.

Mike’s lingering bass line really shines through on “Paint it Black”. Each purposeful note wails with a subtle hint of intent. Well done Mike!

The #badass, take-no-prisoners drummer Stefan has evil written all over him. I’ll throw it out there and say Jimmy Chamberlain is my favorite drummer. However, Stefan is now in my top 5. I’m floored by his timing and hard hitting beats in #paintitblack. Listen closely to a small solo he plays. Its astounding!

Go to Jury Of Fears Facebook and their event page to catch the brand new music video for #paintitblack done by Rob Harwood.

The world will be chanting #paintitblack once you open your ears to how Jury Of Fears made this classic truly their own!!!

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