Slaughter Party’s “Psychos In Love” Is Beautifully Terrifying

By Jeremy Handel

Take every single awesome punk band you’ve ever heard, add some demonic, serial killer lyrics, and you have Slaughter Party’s new album “Psychos In Love.” As one who is truly entertained by the dark and utterly macabre, the perfectly titled album aggressively pays homage to that which I hold dear. Usually, when I find an album I like, there are always a couple songs I pick as my initial faves. For “Psychos In Love,” a few you’ll want to pay attention to on the first listen include, “Demon Days,” “Dumpster Kisses,” and “Rotten Holiday.”

Before we get into the mood the album cultivates, let’s talk specifics. This is the first time I’ve had the opportunity to listen to Slaughter Party, and I immediately noted that they have a knack for writing catchy punk instrumentals and melodies. Pick any guitar riff or solo on the album and I can all but guarantee you’ll hear it too. The vocals have just the right amount of rasp at times to deliver the lyrics in a way that travels through your eardrums and sticks in your brain like a welcomed piece of old gum. The basslines have a hard crunch to them that adds dimension to each song. For fans of percussion, I particularly enjoyed the way the precision drumming on “Psychos In Love” cements every song, holding each one together like Krazy Glue (pun intended).

Slaughter Party could not have picked a more apropos title for their latest album. On the surface, “horror-core love songs” may seem like an oxymoron to the laymen. However, if you are looking for the encapsulation of what it would be like if say…Ed Kemper or Jack The Ripper possessed the capacity to love a person in the Shakespearean-romantic sense of the word, “Psychos In Love” will get you there without issue. Every song on “Psychos In Love” is beautifully terrifying in a way that you rarely find outside of hardcore death metal. In that way, this album will definitely appeal to a wide variety of listeners, whether they are into punk, the horror genre, both, or neither.

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