Mercury Retrograde by Tantric Hit Me Right In The Feels

Despite the message of not being angry, there is a lot of anger in the opening track to Tantric’s new album Mercury Retrograde, “Angry”. I particularly enjoyed the song’s lively outro. The lyrics and melody were an excellent way to introduce me to Tantric and their alt-metal/alternative style.

I love the opening guitar riff on “Tether,” it’s dark and minor and the bassline has a real low and gothic, AFI feel. The lyrics and melody in the chorus are very catchy and powerful. I’m about to show my age here, but this track would have fit in perfectly on Q101 or at a “Twisted” concert. I can definitely see myself in the smokey crowd rocking out.

With “Get ‘Em  All,”  I thoroughly enjoyed the Days of the New-style clean tone that guides the sound in the lead guitar through. I love the Hendrix sound effect on the guitar for the solos, it fits in perfectly with the rest of the track. “I like to kill but not enough to save you from your demise” is my favorite lyric on the album. It’s very clever and spiteful.

“Lie Awake” is a track I wasn’t expecting, nor was I expecting to love. The lyrics are delivered in a rap-rock style (which normally I don’t care for, but there are ALWAYS exceptions to my tastes) that leads into the Alice in Chain’s-like, double melodic chorus that will definitely be stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

“My Forever” provides a well-timed little cool down after some really intense songs. This song is perfectly placed in the album. The heartfelt lyric, “how does an average person take it all if happiness is all the moments between the struggle? How can we face them all?” hit me directly in the feels all three times I went back to make sure I quoted it correctly.

“The Last Stumble” is another perfect 90’s alternative track. “They find a way to comprehend,” is a lyric that rings true with me, and I am more than sure will with anyone who listens to this song. The guitar solo in the middle eight is nothing short of impeccable, every note is perfectly placed and flows extremely well.

I’m ecstatic that they also included an acoustic version of “My Forever” at the end of the album. I can’t wait to learn this song on the guitar and make all my friends swoon, because this song is awesome. The acoustic version is just as powerful as the electric. The violins add a beautiful kind of sadness that helped to give me the feels at my favorite lyric from the original.

Overall, Mercury Retrograde is a fantastic album and I genuinely can’t wait to see what their fans think. Every lyric and melody is powerful, it’s extremely well recorded, and I can’t forget to mention the incredible drumming on every track (it would have been redundant to say the same thing about how in awe I was of the drumming in every paragraph, so I saved it for the end).

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