Slowburn Release Their New Single “Dirt”

For fans of Slowburn that have been eagerly awaiting a new release, the band’s new single “Dirt” is exactly what the doctor ordered. From the opening instrumental to the very last note, “Dirt” is a true headbanger of a song that combines the heavy guitars, deep bass, pounding drums and passionate vocals that has put Slowburn on the map.

Right off the bat, the heart-pounding instrumental defines the song’s intensity. The deep, low tone of the bass, lead and rhythm guitars hit the ears with a welcomed heavy metal sound that’s equal parts catchy and technical. The drummer perfectly encapsulates the energy of each note while hitting a bass drum that slams in a heartbeat rhythm like a punch to the chest. Attached to hard-hitting, clever lyrics, the incredible vocals on “Dirt” offer the combination of rasp and melody throughout the song you expect from a Slowburn song.

Available wherever music is streamed, Slowburn’s newest single “Dirt” immediately has me aching for more new songs. I personally, cannot wait to hear what comes next from this hard rock band!

Follow the links below to hear “Dirt” by Slowburn!

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