Slowburn’s Eos Is A True Headbanger

I really like Slowburn’s intensely harmonic style. Everyone in the band is perfectly in sync when it comes to each piece of the instrumental and the way they offer a harmony with the lyrics, melody, and structure of each song. If you are a fan of catchy, spot-on alt-metal that offers the perfect juxtaposition of hard instrumentals and heartfelt lyrics, then you will definitely appreciate the entirety of Eos.

The title track, Eos (Arise), is an instrumental track that slowly eases you into the rest of the album. It has these great moments of build-up that propel you forward into “Choke”, “Waiting For You,” and “Wish You Well”, which, despite its seemingly well-intentioned message, doesn’t actually make you feel like the singer is offering genuine well wishes to whomever he is singing about. Around the halfway point of the album comes “Otherside”. The intro instrumental lyrics have an almost southern feel. I mean this as the best possible compliment…dude has a James-Taylor-like quality during the verses that is harmonic and pleasing to the ear. “Otherside” offers a refreshing, clean-toned break from the track’s harder predecessors. I can almost see the music video playing on MTV in the late ‘90s in my head.

Ocean Floor takes us back to the band’s heavier style. I really appreciate the body-of-water references. The lyric, “get lost with me, on the ocean floor,” in the context of “Ocean Floor” gives me the kind of chills I get when I have those dreams where I think I’m drowning but it turns out I can breathe underwater and I have an amazing adventure. I also really like the drowning imagery throughout the lyrics in the breakdown. “Ocean Floor” also wins my “Guitar Hero Trophy of the Album” award for the kickass intro riff.  

In contrast to the opening track, “Eos (Repose)” takes that build-up created by Eos (Arise), and opens up the track with a hard-rock riff. The track then calms down and brings the same kind of energy the listener finds in the opening version. “Eos (Repose) works very well as a standalone track toward the end of the album as well a sister-song to Eos (Arise). Very clever track placement and excellent consistency on the part of the band and their overall vision for the album.

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Posted by Slowburn on Thursday, February 14, 2019

Firebreather is a true headbanger of a way to close out this journey of an album. At five minutes long, this song is nice and long without getting repetitive or boring at any point. I love the section of the song where the drums and bass cut out and the guitar riff starts up. The drums come back in at just the right time and the instrumental that ensues offers a lot to the discerning ear as well as those that just love hearing solid, technical guitar riffs.

Overall, I have nothing but great things to say about this album. It’s well produced, fun to listen to, and you can really hear the passion for music that each of the band members clearly has for their craft. Eos is available right now on all streaming platforms. Check it out! It’s definitely worth a listen at any time of day!   


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