After the Message’s Self Titled Album is About Facing Your Inner Demons

If every one of my favorite bands from high school got together and had a music baby, it would be After The Message. Their self-titled EP is a six-song journey through loss, heartbreak, and redemption. If you have ever been in love, then get ready to hold on for an emotional roller coaster.

The release kicks off with a ninety-second intro tune titled “Welcome To.” “Welcome To”  teases your ears with a one channel riff that explodes into a heart-racing build up that is sure to get you pumped for what comes next. If I would choose any lyric to define the feel of After the Message’s EP, let it be this line from the opening track; “I won’t be the only reason for this love to stay”. This line reflects the content of what the vocalist is trying to portray throughout the album from his own viewpoint of loss.

The EP flows smoothly into “Where I Stand”. A perfect second song to get your body moving with the beat. The lyrical content helps you face the reality that things may be falling apart. Energy builds through this song, helping you feel the pain in vocalist Nick’s powerful words.

Do you know those songs that are perfect for lying in bed, with your headphones cranked up high? The lyrical content flows through your body with the pleasure of knowing someone else understands how you’re feeling. Well, the third song on After The Message is just that. “To Whom it May Concern” is about facing our demons and our reality head-on, which is never an easy feat.

The fourth song on After The Message has an almost hypnotic opening that turns into the catchiest riff on the release. “Another Shot” brings about that ecstatic feeling of hope that there might be another chance. You can hear the positivity energy coming through the vocals and upbeat instrumentals.

And now, the heartbreak song we all needed to bring forth the emotions we all feel after losing a lover. The guitar riff on “Sequential Vision” builds into a hook that captures the heavy emotions that the vocals illustrate. It’s a song everyone who has lost a loved one can connect with.

Speakers Underground ” is another song that has me continuously bopping my head. Heavy rock riffs lift the energy of this song and tie the whole EP together. It’s a song about finding your feet underneath you again after being lost in your emotions.

The album leaves you with a positive outlook for the future, and I for one am looking forward to what the future holds for After the Message. Whether you are going through a tough heartbreak at this time or not, you will not be disappointed with After The Message. Listen to After The Message’s debut self-titled release a listen on streaming platforms starting on March 15th.

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