Eyes of the Living’s War on Dead: More Dead Feels Like A Ritual Sacrifice

War on the Dead: More Dead from Eyes of the Living kicks off with “Count the Days,” a thrasher of a heavy metal song, complete with the dark, apocalyptic lyrics, and deep, technical instrumental you want from horror-core music. The guitar riffs throughout the song give you an excellent sense of what the rest of the album has in store.    

“Run for Your Life” explores the theme of being chased by a murderer, or maybe a True-Detective-style crew of murderers. The lyrics in the chorus enforce the chaotic feeling that I assume is what it must genuinely feel like to be fleeing to safety. Once again, Mike Straiton’s guitar riffs dominate the song, turning it into a ballad of epic purportions.  

“Chemical Bath” starts out with a banger of a drum riff that perfectly showcases Cliff Fritts’s tehcnical prowess on the skins. The intro pops off with a fast and heavy punk/metal sound that goes into a badass chorus and middle eight (or in this case, more like middle 16), then back into it for the second half of the breakdown and remainder of the song.

The intro to “I Am Alone” adds a synthesized element that bursts into a chant-like song that almost feels like a ritual sacrifice. Another chaotic song, “I Am Alone gives the sense of loneliness that incipient doom might cause. Perhaps this is what’s it’s like to be a mental patient (note: as I wrote that last sentence, the song ended with what sounded like an alarm and someone running down the hall in an empty psych ward).

“Dawn” offers a reprieve from the fast heavy metal in the form of an acoustic song. Tim Swisher and Chris Moore’s voices really shine through on this song. Dawn is a lot calmer than the rest of the album, even when the electric instruments and drums kick in. The song is a little more melodic than the rest of the album but doesn’t lose any of the intensity the rest of the album cultivates.

For fans of in-your-face, screaming metal with impressive and catchy technical elements and a true dedication to the spirit of horror-core, War on Dead – More Dead is definitely an album you will want to put into rotation. Check out the video for Infected below. War on Dead – More Dead from Eyes of the Living is available Friday, March 15th where you stream your music!

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