VYSE Puts it Out on the Line at Cobra Lounge for Battle for Waken Open Air

Winter 2019 in the grand city of Chicago has been a truly wicked one. In fact, it has been so freakishly cold, many would rather stay hibernating than dare to brave the weather. However, that was not the case on Saturday, February 23rd at the legendary Cobra Lounge Music Venue. Despite the frigid weather, the Battle for Wacken Open Air competition was taking place and a surge of people dressed in their torn-up best went to Cobra Lounge to throw the horns for their favorite band.

At this year’s event, local Chicago bands faced off for a chance to compete at the 30th Annual Wacken Open Air in Wacken, Germany August 1st-3rd.

Lead singer Travis fronts the band with a smooth yet fierce confidence that adds a lot to his stage presence. His vocal range and melodies bring a sense of fear to each song he belts. His eyes express emotion and you can tell he feels a connection to each word passing his lips.

Alen is an energetic and charming lead guitar player. He is not afraid to show his chops while performing a guitar solo. Undoubtedly alive in each moment, his energy forces you to pay attention to each note he plays.

The ever-serious Tyler is the silent but deadly bass player who commands the stage.  His bass playing is impeccable. Tyler understands how to balance his performance with just the right amount of assertiveness.

Nathan is a force to be reckoned with. He thrashes his drums like it’s his duty and he’s not ashamed of showing it. Judging by the huge smile across his face, being behind the drum set is Nathan in his element.  

For the guys of VYSE, The Battle of Wacken Open Air was an important milestone and one hell of an opportunity. The lineup was fierce and no one was backing down without a fight. It was time to show the city of Chicago what VYSE was all about.

As Travis got on the stage, the crowd braced itself for a true metal throw down.

I witnessed VYSE at the top of their game that night. Each member had a take-no-prisoners attitude and the crowd’s energy reflected it like a brand new mirror.  

Most pits formed for VYSE as they performed “Grievances,” “Vice,” and “Neurotic.”  

Their performance at Cobra Lounge was met with roaring applause and yells of “HELL YEAH.” The crowd seemed very optimistic that VYSE won the competition.

However, let this be a lesson to you all out there:  VYSE held their head high even though they did not take the win. They were honored to be able to play this awesome event and to display what they are all about. I am truly proud of the guys of VYSE and only see great things happening for them. Make sure to check out VYSE live if you ever have the chance, You will be astounded.

The lineup included: American Slang, Bizzard Tim, Fierce Atmospheres, Heart of Jordan, H€\/rais€ha, Terranaut, Toxic Ruin, The Untold and Vyse




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