Blacklist Regulars Opens Up for Legends in New Lenox, Illinois for the #TriplePlay Concert Series on July 20th, 2019


By:  Coren E. McLeod

Man, it was a hot one on Saturday, July 20th, in New Lenox, Illinois. It is summer festival season and many are braving the sultry heat to catch some live music in their respective hometowns. I love being outdoors singing along to my favorite bands playing their music.

Weekends are made for fun and I was cordially invited to New Lenox #TriplePlay concert series by the astounding Blacklist Regulars.  Coming straight off their new full-length album release through Pavement Entertainment, “Through the Blast” is gaining the honest respect it deserves.  Blacklist Regulars consists of 4 awe-inspiring musicians hailing from Ireland and Venezuela: Luke (Singer), Arturo (Guitar), Alejandro (Bass), and Tomas (Drums).  

This particular night was an important show for the guys of #BLR. They were granted the opportunity to open for 2 legendary acts: Blue Oyster Cult and Joan Jett and the Heartbreakers.  The heat was on and the audience was building up as Blacklist Regulars prepared themselves to wow everyone who came out.

I happened to be front and center to show my dedicated support.  I have known Blacklist Regulars for the past 2 years. I heard their song “Superhuman” and was automatically hooked from the infectious guitar riff right at the beginning.  The confidence which evokes from Blacklist Regulars shows up very well in their performance. Luke is what all frontmen should be: charming, involves the crowd, and sings his heart out.  Arturo plays the guitar with precision and grace all at the same time. It is fun to watch and listen to. Alejandro, with his long hair, maintains a solid bass line, while Tomas hits the drums very powerfully.

“Through the Blast” is a fantastic album and the guys got to play some of their new music that day.  Hearing “Let It Roll” (one of my favorite songs on the CD) live was a treat. That song in particular has a tattered feel to it, yet I catch myself singing along to it without bother.

Blacklist Regulars knows how to combine alternative rock, 90’s grunge along with some beats to make their music their way.  I hear influences from Stone Temple Pilots, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Depeche Mode. You can hear precisely that in the other two innovative songs “Enemies” and “Falling From the Sun.”

With the music industry being so tough, seeing the Blacklist Regulars rise above the scrutiny to become a leading force within the Chicagoland area is satisfying to witness. Come fall, #BLR will be on the road with Powerman 5000 and touring through the Midwest.

If you have not already, make sure you pick up, stream, and listen to the astounding new album “Through The Blast” from the Blacklist Regulars.  It will leave you wanting to relive an era in which music was unfeigned, grimy and altogether forthright. I know for a fact this album will be on my Top Albums of 2019….  #Cheers 

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