Are You A Saint or Are You A Sinner?

SHALLOW SIDE Saints & Sinners Out Today! 

Shallow Side’s long anticipated full length Saints & Sinners is now out digitally viaThermal Entertainment. The album can be streamed or downloaded at this link:

Saints & Sinners had a ‘soft’ physical release this Spring and the first single and video was for Sound The Alarm.

Saints & Sinners was produced by rock and metal giant Michael “Elvis” Baskette (Incubus, Altered Bridge, Chevelle, Three Days Grace, Slash) and recorded in Orlando, FL at his Barbarosa studio. The album includes 10 all new original tracks. 

“Recording with Elvis was an experience all in itself. Growing up, I was listening to records that shaped and molded me individually as an artist and he had his hands in almost every single one of them it seems. It was a journey recording Saints & Sinners and I believe the songs truly capture where we were and express growth in music, as well as experiences.” says Heath Fields (drummer). 

Saints & Sinners originally was to be released worldwide on Friday, March 29th but was pulled down last minute as Eric Boatright vocalist explained recently “Wow, what a Rollercoaster this been to release our first full length album. While working to setup the “perfect” release with our team, we were approached by several major labels interested in putting the album out. We had to take a step back and consider the options so we, along with Thermal Entertainment decided to pull the album down. After weeks of talks and negotiations, we ultimately decided to stay the course with Thermal and release the album this summer.  It is a complete honor that these other labels are interested in the band and we will never close the door to opportunity but we owe our fans an amazing album so they will get one. “

Matt Daniels (bassist) added, “Artistically, it is an amazing time for us. There were so many ideas that came to light during the writing of “Saints and Sinners. We had put all of our creativity and emotions into a pot to discover what makes a Shallow Side record; from the angelic vocals, melodic riffs, and the driving rhythm sections that keep the beat bumping. This is something that accurately represents where we are as a band and our growth together.”

Seth Trimble (guitarist) expressed, “I honestly wasn’t as excited for my own birth as I am for this album. I’ve never had a better sense of pride than when we hit that playback button at the end of the day and got to explore this beautiful soundscape that we created together.”


Friday, 8-16-19 at O’Connors (outdoor stage) in Clarksville, TN
Friday, 8-23-19 at The Water Bowl in Muncie, IN (Rise Up & Conquer Festival)Friday,
8-30-19 at Denver Downs in Anderson, SC (Operation Music Fest)

Shallow Side are composed of Eric Boatright (vocals), Seth Trimble (guitars and keys), Heath Fields (drums) and Matt Daniels (bass).    

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