Pass The Bass Charity

MMC is extremely proud to add Pass the Bass to our roster of affiliates. They work to bring music to those suffering from traumatic brain injury. Read their story below!

Our Story

My name’s Dylan Flynn, I’m doing a campaign to raise money for brain injury support through music. I got my first bass when I was 15. Suffering a traumatic brain injury shortly after, I’m unfortunately not really able to play. I’ve been getting bassists to play mine. Bands have let me sell merchandise at shows. The money that I raise goes to the Brain Injury Association of America. Having done this for 3 yrs, over 30 bassists have played mine. Near $6,000 was donated in 2017. I’m currently 33, have lived with a traumatic brain injury the majority of my life. I’m trying to do what I can to help support other individuals struggling with brain injuries

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