After The Message

Band Members

Nick-guitar and vocals
Ken-bass and back up vocals


Do you remember the days of the post-hardcore scene that took off like a California wildfire? Do you remember the songs that stuck in your head for days? Also, do you remember the bands like Thrice, Thursday, Alkaline Trio, Brand New and Emery? If so then get ready for After the Message. All three guys (Nick, Rick, Ken from left to right) grew up with those bands and were sad about that music not really making a comeback. This is where they aim to change that! With explosive wall to wall sounds and catchy hook lines, After The Message will be that band for many that bring heartfelt music and fun times back into everyone’s lives!

We are After The Message. We are into good times. We are into slamming sounds out of instruments. We are into your local band. We are into playing shows.


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