Goose Wayne


Bringing his brand of new music to the House, EDM and dance music scene. Goose Wayne is a flare of funk, jazz, soul, groove, disco, techno, and hip-hop wrapped up into genres of house music and EDM. Born and raised from the south side of Chicago now by way of Homewood,IL his musical influences are like a 24 hour all you can eat buffet, but his biggest influences are Kanye West, Pitbull, Daft Punk, Calvin Harris, Frankie Knuckles, Jack Master Farley, Maurice Joshua, Fast Eddie, Jamie Principal, Azealia Banks, James Brown, Prince, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Earth, Wind, & Fire, Frankie Beverly & Maze, Pharrell Williams, Childish Gambino and R.Kelly.

Goose Wayne currently is an independent music artist, producer, songwriter, singer, and rapper.

At about 9 years old and after his grandmother prevented him from cutting himself further than he did, Goose Wayne at an early age found music to be his peace, love, and passion where music helped him to love himself more. This is the drive behind Goose Wayne’s music learning to love yourself in order to love others even those who ridicule you, dislike you, and hate you.

Currently, Goose Wayne has just finished his debut preview EP titled “Wayne Manor”, which is now available on all music streams. He’s also already working on a new massive project which will be called, “The Inkwell Project”. Goose Wayne also currently has been a frequent opening performer for Chicago’s current top 20 local artist, “Austin Fillmore” for the past two years.

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