Welcome to Jonestown

Band Members

Jeremy Handel – Guitar, Vocals
Matt Handel – Bass, Vocals
Burnard Wedderburn – Drums


Hailing from Chicago, IL, Welcome to Jonestown is the pop-punk band you’ve been waiting for. With catchy melodies, crunchy guitar, merciless basslines, and the technical drumming skills of a drumming-cyborg from the future, WTJ is sure to scratch that post-punk itch. Heavily influenced by classic and contemporary post-punk music, those who grew up listening to Green Day and Blink 182 will definitely find their needs catered to. Above all, WTJ loves making music. You can find them playing gigs around the Chicagoland area, and they highly suggest you come say hello if you see them before a show!

Website: Welcome to Jonestown
Facebook: Welcome to Jonestown
Instagram: @Welcome2jonestown

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