Tantric Shatters Expectations at BaseCamp in Lisle, Illinois on June 21 st , 2019 for #MUDDFEST

It is without a doubt that when a band is on tour, they want to exceed expectations since their last performance. On Friday, June 21st, that is what happened with Alternative Metal band Tantric from Kentucky.  Currently, they are on the road with other acts like Saving Abel, Trapt, Saliva and Puddle of Mudd. The tour made a stop at Lisle, Illinois’ own BaseCamp Pub and Eatery. The locals were ready for a festive Friday night after a grueling work week.  BaseCamp was packed and ready for a good time.  

Chicagoland is known for big names, especially in the metal/ alternative realm of music:  Smashing Pumpkins, Disturbed, and even Chevelle. Tantric slays whenever they arrive into town and that is exactly what they did to the audience at BaseCamp for #MuddFest.

With a brand new drummer, Tantric is touring in support of their latest album, “Mercury Retrograde,” which is still casting a phenomenal spell over the airwaves and their loyal fans.  BaseCamp was filled from wall-to-wall with an abundance of Truly Hard Spiked Sparkling Water on hand to keep the carbs low and the rock energy high.

The eyeliner was thick among women/men and the humidity made for a sweaty situation.  Yet, there was a sense of joy and a hard party vibe which was about to explode!

The stage was ready for Hugo (singer), Jaron (bass player), Baz (lead guitar) and Ian (drummer).  Once you hear the opening violins of “Down and Out,” you get chills!!! You know what is about to go #down….  (See what I did there???? #Iamfunny #lol)

Hugo picks up the microphone and the first words he sings, “I am coming up for air so I can check myself,” reminds you of the truth, which are behind the lyrics of all Tantric songs.  Hugo’s voice is legendary: deep, soulful and sexy. He appeals to women with his swagger and men wish they can embody that. With a career that spans over 2 decades, Hugo deserves the recognition of being a marvelous front man that I have been a fan of since 2002.

There was for sure something in the air that night.  Maybe it was because it was the first day of summer. Jaron has a very commanding presence on stage.  He is a master at his Fender Bass Guitar and this is coming from a chick who has always thought Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers was the bass player that everyone should take lessons from. However, watch Jaron when he plays, “Astounded.” He is aggressive, precise, and hits every note with power.  It is mesmerizing and shows an incredible amount of energy. #Cheers to you Mr. Man!!!!!

There is no question that Baz plays his Gibson guitar with a vengeance.  You see the passion, dedication, and his beautiful hair, delightful, drifting through the wind as he drives home every Tantric song.  Many jaws drop and you feel as if your body is about to shatter, especially during the hit “Breakdown.” (#Goodtimes…)

With a new drummer hailing from LA, Ian ignites a new vigor in Tantric.  Ian is heavily tattooed and smashes his cymbals during every song. His arms fly everywhere, but he is still true to Tantric’s overall vision:  Post Grunge magic accompanied by very talented musicians. #truefanhere

The end of Tantric’s session when they play live is just awesome; their finale is a very close and personal song that I tend to get emotional over.  “Mourning” has turned into romantic yet teary song which incorporates a little bit of a jam session. This helps to keep things fresh and inviting. All of the audience is engaged and loves its different feel, a standout from the songs that  Tantric is normally known for…

Honestly, I cannot get enough of Tantric.  I tell my coworkers, clients and friends/family that if Tantric is in town, you can expect me to be at their show without question. I will be dancing, jumping up and down, plus singing every word to every song.  It is what I do and is a release for the stress that I encounter in my everyday life.

Make sure to catch Tantric on tour with #MUDDFEST.  They are coming back to Illinois on July 5th with Saliva to play Top Fuel Saloon in Braidwood.  Get your tickets NOW!!!!!

And bring Mountain Dew…  ☺  #justsaying 

Welcome to Jonestown’s ‘For Punk’s Sake’ is the Thrash we all Need

Welcome to Jonestown Delivers Classic Punk Rock with a Side of Heart with Their New Album #ForPunksSake, available through all streaming services on June 7th

They always say “the third time’s the charm,” right? Well, that seems to work for the local Chicago music scene with a ton of bands announcing new music this summer. The way it typically goes with a fresh, potentially band on the horizon of releasing their 1st album, fans group together to show their support.  

Then there is the 2nd album which is referred to as the “sophomore slump”.  A lot of musicians try to avoid this like the plague. Either your 2nd album shows growth with your music or you follow along the same path.  Whatever happens, you will have critics.

If you survived the slump, you are now on your 3rd endeavor and the world is your oyster…  Well, maybe… The #punkrockboys from the Windy City of Chicago Welcome to Jonestown are ready to kick local music in the ass in the nicest way possible.  Their new album #ForPunksSake is classic punk with a side of honestly, hurt, romance, comedy, and the thrash we all need in our lives. (Yes, we need all of this… It is called being human…)

Let’s start off with the leadoff single “100 Bullets…”  Jeremy (singer, lead guitar) seems to take a few life lessons he puts it into perspective.  “100 Bullets” sounds like one hell of a night of partying with friends and that potential special someone turns out to be yet another mistake.  With anyone, you make hundreds of memories yet when it all comes crashing down; it hits you. You think about all the time spent now it just seems wasted.  With a catchy guitar riff reminiscent of Blink 182, Welcome to Jonestown grabs you with a catchy hook and a great lyric video.

There is something seriously awesome about the song “Sunspots,” track #8 off of #ForPunksSake. Maybe it is the haunting melody of the guitar. Perhaps it’s the headstrong bass lines provided by Matt who makes you want to dance and mosh at the same time.  It could be that it’s a traditional punk rock song with some influence from Bad Religion. Burnard kicks ass as he pounds the drums with speed, unlike any other.

Ever find yourself needing to take a step back and reflect? That is “Cardiac Arrest.” Jeremy takes a chance on a stripped down, acoustic song and doesn’t disappoint.  No drums. No bass. It is just a sad and truthful song pouring out one’s heart.

Other songs to love:  

“Swell Up and Die…”  (Lovely…)

“Another Shitty Song…”  (Again…. Lovely….)

“Half of Anything…..”

So, is the third time the charm? Yes. Welcome to Jonestown shows a lot of growth while staying true to what they are about: the catchy lyrics, smooth yet playful bass lines and hard hitting drums that make them a force in the punk rock world.  Jeremy, Matt, and Burnard bring their special sauce to #ForPunksSake, Make sure you give it a listen on June 7th and come out to their LP Release Party June 14th at LiveWire Lounge with Conway, OverClocked and Social Que (details here).  

Milwaukee’s Own Amberstein Talks with our Own Coren McLeod Straight off their WAMI Award

From BandCamp:  Amberstein is an American hard rock band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, formed in 2012 and founded by members Jake Warne (Vocals, Bass), Andrew Farrar (Drums, Backing Vocals), and Ross Machurick (Guitar). The next chapter occurred with a lineup of Warne, Farrar and guitarist/singer/songwriter Jason Paulsen. Newly revitalized in 2018, the band announced the arrival of Brock Betz on lead guitar and Ivan Mallory on Rhythm Guitar and Backing Vocals. Since Amberstein’s inception, they have released a self-titled EP, and an unplugged EP titled Reflection, a few singles (all re-released in 2017 as a full-length album), and an EP titled Freedom Known, released in October of 2018. Amberstein is currently writing and recording new music their next release in late 2019. Having honed their sound, the band features an abundance of three-part harmonies, intricate and melodious guitar parts, lyrics filled with genuine emotion and thoughtfully relatable themes, and rhythmic patterns which are both technically complex and easily accessible. Since the beginning, the band has been very impressionable with their live performance. Even in the smallest of clubs, the energy and veracity on stage give the concert-goer an experience they will remember long past the performance. Having shared the stage with bands such as TRAPT, Tantric, Flaw, Devour the Day, Another Lost Year, Screaming for Silence, Puddle of Mudd, Saving Abel, and countless others, as well as having played venues such as Milwaukee’s Summerfest, Mystique Casino’s Island Fest, Milwaukee Zoo Ala Carte, Revival, and rock clubs throughout the Mid-West, the band’s list of accomplishments and depth of experience continues to grow. Amberstein recently received a 2019 WAMI Award (Wisconsin Area Music Industry) for Best Alternative Rock Band. Between touring, rehearsing, writing and recording, the band takes their music and the role their music plays in the lives of their fans very seriously. The band has a sincere appreciation for the support it receives from the people who spread the word about their music and those who support the band from showing up at venues, bringing friends, meeting with them after concerts, or purchasing merchandise. Don’t miss an opportunity to catch a show near you!

You are known in the Chicagoland/ Milwaukee area.  How would you describe your unique style of music?

We just received a WAMI award (Wisconsin Area Music Industry) for the best alternative rock band, so that may be a good place to start. We have a ton of influences which show through at times, and border on progressive rock. Our writing process is thorough and we pride ourselves on strong melodies, relatable lyrics, three-part harmonies, strong guitars, and expansive rhythmic variety while maintaining a focus on tone, texture, and feel.

4)  Who influences you in music and in life?

Our musical influences include, but are not limited to: Alter Bridge, Sevendust, Shinedown, A Perfect Circle, Switchfoot, Rise Against, Ozzy Osbourne, Foo Fighters, Metallica, Rush, Kansas, and too many others to mention. Mostly, were influenced by each other. 

In life, were influenced by the amazing teachers we had growing up, our incredibly supportive families, our loving wives and girlfriends, and our dogs. 

5)  What is your favorite venue to play at?

We have favorite venues in every region, and sadly, weve outlived many of our all time favorites (RIP The Frequency, The Metal Grill, BBC, etc.). That being said, it always feels like home when we play Hijynx in Ft. Atkinson, WI. 

6)  You just won a WAMI!  Describe that moment when you heard your name called out as the winner…

We were just so excited to be there, and in such great company with the other bands. We’ve been working very hard for a long time and it’s moments like these which keep us motivated. Anytime you can receive recognition from the scene for your efforts it feels amazing, and the feeling is really just more excitement for what’s to come. Things happened fast and we took the time to thank everyone onstage. Once we got off stage there were so many people there to congratulate us that we were on cloud nine. We all took turns holding the award. Luckily we remembered to bring it home with us!

7)   I saw you for the 3rd time at 1175 Sports Bar and Grill opening for my favorite band Tantric….  How did that all come about?

We’ve opened for both or those bands once before, separately. Trapt a few years ago at The Metal Grill in Cudahy, WI, and Tantric last year at The Back Bar in Janesville, WI. We made friends with Tantric at that show, and when we saw the two bands playing together without an opener we jumped on it. Between reaching out to the venue and Jaron from Tantric (bassist, backing vocals, and all around awesome dude) we had everyone in our corner. Best of all, a lot of our fans made it out, and we had a great night with everyone!

8)  Name some of your favorite guitars/ bass/ drums to play on….

We’ve all tried a lot of brands, but we’ve been pretty consistent with our gear for a while now. Andrew plays Tama drums with Sabian cymbals. Ivan plays PRS guitars and Brock trusts his arsenal of Ibanez guitars. Jake has been playing a Wawick bass for a long time. 

9)  Okay.   You have been a band for some time.  Name an awarkward moment that happened among all of you…

Any time we’re in the studio and Andrew has a microphone things get awkward…

10)  What’s next? Q

Writing, recording, and playing awesome shows. Stay tuned!

Tantric Walks The Plank at Tailgaters in Bolingbrook, Illinois on April 11th, 2019

On Thursday, April 11th, 2019, Tantric, who I have been a fan of for the past 20 or so years, came into town and I was ready to be free.

Tantric is coming off a great 2018 with their impeccable album Mercury Retrograde released on October 5th, 2018. The guys in #Tantric are beyond brilliant and have been touring all over the United States nonstop. With that, it gives fans every opportunity to see them live and to experience the speculator thrills which is Tantric.

The crowd that Thursday night was full of energy. Tailgaters were packed with people preparing themselves to drink, party and celebrate this thing called #rockandroll. I love the anticipation right before a band officially hits the stage. Tantric is no exception. Even though I’ve seen the group over ten times, it always fills me with enthusiasm. Looking around, I had seen many emotions from the crowd.

That moment arrived at 9:00 p.m. The chords of the smash hit “Down and Out” rang out and massive screams echoed throughout the room. Tantric stepped onto the stage with confidence and knew it was their night to dominate.

If you know Tantric, you recognize lead singer and frontman Hugo’s legendary, husky voice. The ladies seem to adore him and every move he makes. Hugo sings favorites from the past and seamlessly brings out new material. His ability to spot a Saliva hat is impeccable – it’s nice to see other bands supporting one another.

The tall and relaxed bass player Jaron is awe-inspiring to watch. He is all over the stage playing his Fender bass. Jaron gives it his all while still enjoying every aspect of the performance. His dedication is seen and very much respected by all. Plus, the new red jacket he is wearing as of late makes a great statement. #loveit

Then there is Sebastian, the quiet and reserved lead guitar player who will wail on stage. Sebastian is not one to question his ability to play guitar. He can play and will leave you wanting more! The smile that crosses his face expresses the sheer enjoyment he gets out of being a musician. And believe me when I say his dad is especially proud of his son! (Look up this band called Cinderella. You may have heard of them.)

Nick, the drummer, brings energy on a new level. He may be in the background but you know he is there. With every beat, cymbal thrash and thump, Nick adds a unique element to Tantric. He plays into the audience by singing along and standing up while playing which you do not typically see from a drummer.

The standouts for that night were “Angry,” “Lie Awake, “Astounded,” “Is This Love?” (Whitesnake Cover), and the tearjerker “Mourning” to close the set. Everyone was singing along to all the songs. At one point, Jaron and Sebastian decided to play next to each other on what seemed to be two dining room tables pushed together. I saw a look of exhilaration and also a, “what the hell are we doing?” look on their faces. It was more than clear that Jaron and Sebastian were having fun. The two walked the plank and were able to joke about it later.

Overall, Tantric is an inspiration to many, including myself. Everyone gets to that point in their lives where you know what you were meant to do and for Tantric, it is to keep performing the hell out of each show! Tantric overall is what every band out there should strive to be. There may be tough times in this crazy music industry. Just keep in mind, keep moving forward, and you will be at the level Tantric is!!!!

Congrats guys!!!!!

Catch Tantric on tour as they join Puddle of Mudd, Saliva, and Trapt for #Muddfest.

Check out Tantricofficial.com, their Facebook page and Instagram for more details.

STATIC-X Addresses Lead Vocalist Questions + Announces UK, EU, Australia and Pacific Northwest US Touring Plans

Today, STATIC-X dropped a special video in which fans can see and hear the band’s mysterious, unnamed vocalist performing the band’s cult classic, “Bled for Days”, along with the original Wisconsin Death Trip band lineup of Tony Campos, Ken Jay and Koichi Fukuda.The clip also showcases the band’s stage production for their highly-anticipated upcoming US tour, and teases a brand new song from their upcoming album, Project Regeneration.

Watch the clip here: https://youtu.be/_340zcRUO5g

“Everyone wants to know who will be singing and how we will be pulling off the material live,” says Tony Campos. “Well, here it is. Watch this video and you will see and hear exactly what we will be doing on the tour.” Since the announcement of their upcoming Wisconsin Death Trip 20th Anniversary Tour dates in the US, based on incredible demand, STATIC-X has confirmed shows in 10 more countries as part of their world domination! The tour will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the band’s platinum selling debut, Wisconsin Death Trip, and serve as a touring memorial for their late lead singer, Wayne Static. In addition, STATIC-X have announced the beginnings of a second US leg to take place in December. North American meet & greets are available now via www.Static-X.org (and www.DevilDriver.com for their performance dates).

Tickets are available now via individual venues and their websites. See below for a full list of dates and individual support artists. STATIC-X is currently in the studio putting the finishing touches on their seventh studio album, entitled Project Regeneration. The album will feature 12 brand new STATIC-X tracks and contains several vocal performances and musical compositions by Wayne Static, along with a handful of high-profile guest vocal contributions.

“We are incredibly excited to announce that we will be taking the Wisconsin Death Trip 20th Anniversary Tour around the world,” says drummer Ken Jay. “The fans have shown so much love for the band and for Wayne and we couldn’t be more pumped for the rest of 2019. Thank you all for the encouragement and support!” 

Ken Jay adds about the addition of the new vocalist, “For us, the goal was 100% about recapturing the vibe and the spirit of STATIC-X. We were never interested in using a hologram or using Wayne’s pre-recorded vocals. It has to be real and it has to have a soul and a pulse. STATIC-X has always been four guys. Two guitars, bass, drums, and vocals. We didn’t want to mess with that formula. This is the most electric version of Wisconsin Death Trip 2.0 that we can imagine, without actually having Wayne here with us.

“At first, I was actually a little skeptical of how we could do all of this,” says Koichi Fukuda. “But, after I heard him sing, I was sold! I am so impressed with how far it has come in a short amount of time. We are working very hard to bring something very special to you all. I know that Wayne would be very proud of how much heart and effort has been put into this. It is truly an honor.

We were very lucky to find somebody who could fill such a unique role,” says Tony Campos. “We’ve all toured together and our bands came up together back in the day. This is just as special for him as it is for us. He was never interested in trying to make this about him and he was actually the one who suggested that the mask be the face of the memorial.”

Messer Messer heads out on Spring tour with Pop Evil

Messer are heading back out on tour, with several dates opening for Pop Evil, and then headling dates with special guest Saul.  The band is continuing their momentum from 2018 , a breakout year that saw their self titled debut album bow at #3 on the Soundscan New Artist chart and was named “New and Noteworthy” at iTunes. The Dallas, Texas based band recently released 3rd single Simple Man and it is steadily climbing the Active Rock charts, has been added to Sirius XM Octane, Music Choice,and is being featured on Spotify’s Rock Hard and Adrenaline Workoutplaylists, and Pandora’s New Rock station.  

Singer Dereak Messer says: “Simple Man’ is a song written from the perspective of someone who is removing themselves from the drama or superficial aspects and expectations of social media in our society.  It’s someone who is resolved in the strength it takes to be alone and move themselves forward. It’s a narrative on how this person wants to find their own power and focus on clarity of self. “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger” is the mantra and highlights the strength it takes to step away from the shallow aspects of the world into something more meaningful for themselves”.

“Simple Man” is following in the footsteps of “Make This Life” and “Save Myself” which garnered attention throughout the rock world with spots on key Hard Rock playlists @ Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Pandora Radio, Google Play Music, Youtube and Slacker Radio. The band has received positive press @ Loudwire, AXS, Alternative Press, Revolver, New Noise, Pure Grain Audio, and more. “Make This Life” reached #25 on the Active Rock radio charts, and second single “Save Myself” also made it into the Top 30 – the only truly independent act to do so in 2018.

Messer played more than 100 shows last year, including a 40-city sold out tour with RED and Lacey Sturm. The band was personally invited by Kevin Lyman to play the Texas leg of the final Vans Warped Tour.  

The band’s cutting-edge modern rock sound was born through serendipitous connections in the thriving Deep Ellum music scene of Dallas, an area that has given rise to iconic Hard Rock and Metal bands like Pantera, Drowning Pool, Hell Yeah, and King’s X.  The band grew their fan base locally, and began to branch out regionally and nationally, opening for notable bands such as Sick Puppies, Candlebox, Hinder, Vince Neil, Black Stone Cherry, Drowning Pool, Metallica, Scott Stapp Of Creed, and Avenged Sevenfold, among others. It was on one of these tours that the band caught the attention of Los Angeles based writer/producer, Chad Gendason.  The band felt an immediate comradery with Chad and a lasting bond was made. Messer started writing with Chad, and their first collaboration became “Simple Man”. Fan favorite “Whiskey” soon followed and the songs started to flow into what would become their self-titled debut album “Messer“. The album was mixed by Ben Grosse (Marilyn Manson, Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed) and mastered by Tom Baker (Papa Roach, David Bowie, Motley Crue). 

Messer continues to build on their momentum and is forging ahead with gritty determination – powered by a ton of positive energy.

Tour Dates

Friday, 3/29                Tree’s                                  Dallas, TX     (Headlining)
Wednesday, 4/3        Pop’s                                   Sauget, IL      (Headlining)
Thursday, 4/4            The Warehouse                     Clarksville, TN (Headlining)
Friday, 4/5                 Turnbuckles                         Dayton, OH      (Headlining)
Saturday, 4/6            The Electric Company            Mansfield, OH (Headlining)
Wednesday, 4/10      Bogarts                               Cincinnati, OH  (W/ Pop Evil)
Thursday, 4/11          Denim                                  Greensboro, NC (W/ Pop Evil)
Friday, 4/12                Barrel House                      Savannah, GA    (Headlining)
Saturday, 4/13           WJRR-FM Earth Day Birthday Orlando, FL                  
Sunday, 4/14             96 K-Rock Swampfest             Fort Myers, FL              
Tuesday, 4/16           Club LA                                 Destin, FL        (W/ Pop Evil)
Thursday, 4/18           Jergels                                 Pittsburgh, PA  (W/ Pop Evil)
Friday, 4/19                Goodyear Theater                 Akron, OH        (W/ Pop Evil)
Saturday, 4/20            The Fillmore                         Detroit, MI         (W/ Pop Evil)   
Tuesday, 4/23            The Truman                          Kansas City, MO   (W/ Pop Evil)
Wednesday, 4/24        Roc Haus                          West  Dundee, IL (Headline W/ Saul)
Thursday, 4/25            Top Fuel Saloon                  Braidwood, IL     (Headline W/ Saul) 
Friday, 4/26                 Hijynx                                Fort Atkinson, WI (Headline W/ Saul)
Sunday, 4/28               The What’s Lounge             Mankato, MN   (Headline w/Saul)
Wednesday, 5/1           Big’s Bar                            Sioux Falls, SD (Headline W/ Saul)
Thursday, 5/2              The Wave                          Wichita, KS         (Headline W/ Saul)
Friday, 5/3                    Front Of House Lounge      Springfield, MO  (Headline W/ Saul)
Saturday, 5/4                Steel Horse Rally               Fort Smith, AR   (Headline W/ Saul)
Sunday, 5/5                 Growlers                           Memphis, TN      (Headline W/ Saul)
Tuesday, 5/7                The Nick                           Birmingham, AL  (Headline W/ Saul)
Wednesday, 5/8           Masquerade                      Atlanta, GA          (Headline W/ Saul)
Thursday, 5/9                The Crowbar                     Tampa, FL           (Headline w/Saul)
Friday, 5/10                   South Street                      Naples, FL           (Headline W/ Saul)
Saturday, 5/11              Pipers                              Green Acres, FL (Headline W/ Saul) 

9Electric Releases Megalith on March 29th

It all started with a song.

9Electric went into the studio in early 2018 to record a new song – their first time in the studio since member changes revamped their lineup months prior. They went in to write and record a song, and came out three days later with an unprecedented confidence, an undeniable chemistry, and the first indication of what their future held…

Welcome to Megalith, an album as true to the rock royalty that inspired it, as it is to the band members that created it. “Our only goal going into the studio was to write and record a song that defined what 9Electric is in the year 2018,” says frontman Ron Underwood. “What we discovered was akin to addition by subtraction – new blood brought new energy, and Mike and I were able to write like we’d never written before.” Joining Underwood and founding guitarist Mikey Lopez on the new album is returning bassist Ginny Eck (formerly of the band Eyeshine).

“We stripped our sound down and got back to basics, writing songs that stood out on their own and weren’t dependent on programming and production,” adds guitarist Mikey Lopez, who wrote every song onMegalith with Underwood. “We had a reputation for being an ‘electronic’ band, and that really never sat well with Ron and I. We were always more about Guns N’ Roses and Rage Against The Machine than post-production blips, bells and whistles. This album is the most honest record of our career.”

Integral to the process was Shawn McGhee, who recorded, produced, mixed and mastered the album in his Las Vegas studio. “We had a great experience making our last record, but in hindsight I can’t help but feel like we stifled our producer by trying to have too much voice in how he did his job,” recalls Lopez. “We learned from that with Shawn – we let him produce, and he let us be us. And the results speak for themselves.”

The single “The Light” features Carla Harvey of Bucher Babies. “The Butcher Babies and 9Electric have a lot of history,” explains Harvey. “We played some of our early shows together in Hollywood, and have both undergone a lot of changes over the years. When I heard ‘The Light,’ I thought it was a great opportunity to showcase a side of both me and the band that a lot of people might not expect, and I’m really excited about how the song came out!”

“God And Man” crushes, delivering a knockout combination of cascading guitars, double-barreled bass and drums and lyrical dogma. It’s a statement song, followed by a declaration in the form of “I Don’t Want To Be,” a Gavin Degraw hit that 9Electric definitely make their own. “Stand In The Fire” has the makings a modern rock anthem. “Disposable Love” is a summertime ballad with a melancholic tan. “Breathe” pulses like an homage to Prodigy, while “Dark Matter” delves into the underbelly of a scorched psyche.

“The Megalith concept grew straight out of my obsession with lost civilizations and esoteric symbols,” says Underwood of the album’s theme. “Most of the lyrics are introspections into life’s dualities – primarily good and evil, and how they work to create a third and even greater single entity beyond that given dimension.”

Former Murder FM frontman Norman Matthew releases new solo project As Strange As Angels

Dallas, Texas based As Strange As Angels is former Murder FM front man Norman Matthew‘s passion project.  He has released a new single “Mirror Mirror“, and it’s already been added to Spotify’s Rock Hard and Loudwire’s Weekly Wire playlist.  The single is also the title track from the forthcoming debut EP, which drops on April 26th.

After Murder FM went on hiatus in 2016, Norman focused on raising his son after a divorce rocked his personal life.  While juggling the work of running his music school, The Sound Foundation, and his fatherly duties, he found the turmoil that he was going through was beginning to come out in the music that he was writing.  “For the first time, rather than speaking to the song, I let the song speak to me. I had never written lyrics that were a parallel of my life. Then I realized, I have a voice, and I need to be a voice for the voiceless.”  

The result of that reflection is the new 4 song EP “Mirror Mirror“, which Matthew has aptly dubbed “heart rock”: From the heart, for the heart, by the heart. Say what you feel, and feel what you say.   The title track was co-written and produced by former RA front man Sahaj Ticotin (Starset, Sevendust, Stitched Up Heart).  The other 3 tracks – “Love and Death” (which featuresCJ Pierce Of Drowning Pool on guitar), “Days Go Bye”, and “Right Beside You” were produced by Norman and Mick Kenney (Motionless In White).  The recording features a heavy and melodic sound that is instantly familiar and yet unique – and is unlike most of the other music that is currently out in the Rock world.   As Strange As Angels has previously released a single “Waves” in 2017.

Throughout his career Norman Matthew has shared the stage with rock luminaries Rob Zombie, Korn, Deftones, Five Finger Death Punch, The Pretty Reckless, and Gemini Syndrome. He has also appeared on the Vans Warped Tour.

Says Norman: “As Strange As Angels is a story with many chapters – each chapter needed to be given its own soundtrack. Whatever felt right, I ran with…. I didn’t care about genre and labels. I just needed a vessel to call my own as a mechanism to communicate what I was thinking and feeling. I’m so thankful for all the amazing people who have helped me bring this release to life. Those who picked me up along the way, never gave up and never stopped believing in me. Plenty of people let go at a time when I needed them the most. But I channeled that and let it fuel me. I took a step back and learned how to live life again. As Strange As Angels is a testament to that – a gift in many ways. I owe much of myself to all those that kept my blood flowing and my heart going – and I owe all of myself to my son.”

Track Listing

1). Mirror Mirror
2). Love And Death
3). Days Go Bye
4). Right Beside You

Tour Dates

Tuesday, 3/19 – Tommy London (SiriusXM) $5.00 Rock Show – Arlene’s Grocery in NYC with Frank Ferrer of Guns and Roses
Saturday, April 6th – Central Hub – Magnolia, Arkansas with John Corabi (Dead Daisies/Motley Crue)
Sunday, April 7th – Trees – Dallas, TX with John Corabi (Dead Daisies/Motley Crue)

Naples, FL’s SOWFLO Releasing New LP “New Shoes” On March 15

Naples, FL reggae/rock group SOWFLO will release their latest record “New Shoes” on March 15.

Pre Order

Apple Music https://apple.co/2tp3Ho6
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Sowflo_New_Shoes?id=Bearcc4b5gphxbym3mbnwh46z64
Amazon Music https://www.amazon.com/New-Shoes-SowFlo/dp/B07N8PVPSM

SOWFLO has shared stages with some of the biggest names in the genre, including Rebelution, Julian Marley, Dirty Heads, Matisyahu, and Wailing Souls. They were an instant success as their debut full-length album debuted in the top 5 on the Billboard reggae chart.

On ‘New Shoes’ SOWFLO reteams with veteran producer/engineer Marc Lee (Stephen Marley, Damian Marley).

In anticipation of the upcoming album, SOWFLO is releasing acoustic teaser videos of songs off ‘New Shoes’ on their Facebook page. Videos post every Monday & Thursday leading up to the official album release on March 15.

Check out SOWFLO on YoutubeSpotifyApple Music, etc.

Tour Dates

MAR 22 Stans- Goodland, FL
MAR 27- The Ranch- Fort Myers, FL (w/ COLLIE BUDDZ & ROOTS ALMIGHTY)
MAR 30- Dixie Roadhouse- Cape Coral, FL (Record Release Show!)
APR 12- Stottlemeyr’s Smokehouse- Sarasota, FL
MAY 11- Orlando Amphitheater- Orlando, FL (Dirty Heads Orlando Vacation)


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Sister Shotgun Premieres SACRED HEART

English rock band Sister Shotgun premieres the music video for “Sacred Heart,” a single from their debut album, entitled Fragments. The full-length album serves as a follow-up to the 2017 Devour EP. Fragments will be available worldwide on April 19, 2019, via Pavement Entertainment.

The “Sacred Heart” video features an emotionally charged performance from Sister Shotgun. Vocalist Chloe Ozwell says,“’The song takes me back to a place where I was really vulnerable, but it’s about reclaiming my power. I hope it can serve as a reminder to keep pushing no matter what life throws at you.”
In terms of sound on the upcoming album, Ozwell states, “Musically, it’s a sound we’ve been striving for since we started the band. Everyone has stepped up their game and I think this is probably one of my favorite tracks of ours to date.”

Listen to “Sacred Heart” now on iTunesSpotify, and Amazon. See Sister Shotgun live later this month as they rock the United Kingdom!

Tour Dates

3/26 – Oxford, UNITED KINGDOM – O2 Academy2 Oxford3/27 – Birmingham, UNITED KINGDOM – Flapper
3/28 – Nottingham, UNITED KINGDOM – Rock City – The Basement
3/29 – Sheffield, UNITED KINGDOM – Corporation
3/30 – Bournemouth, UNITED KINGDOM – The Anvil
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