City of the Weak’s “Pulling Teeth” is Equal Parts Aggressive and Soothing

By Jeremy Handel

Wow. That is the only thing close to a sound I was able to make after listening to City of the Weak’s new album “Pulling Teeth.” Available June 22nd, 2018, “Pulling Teeth” is the band’s first full-length release. For those of you who have not had the pleasure of seeing them live or listening to one of their previous releases, Minneapolis’ COTW has an AFI/MCR kind of feel, with powerful vocals courtesy of front-woman, Stef with an F. From the writing to the instrumentals to the production, everyone involved with “Pulling Teeth” shines and showcases their love of their craft.

When I was making my usual list of initial faves, I found myself making special mention of damn near every song. I decided that wasn’t going to cut it, so I started the list over and really listened for songs I felt truly stood out. It wasn’t easy, but when you listen to the album, I suggest paying double attention to “Trust Nobody,” “Censor This,” and “Drag Us Under.” Behind those three songs, there is a preternatural angst that’s equal parts aggressive and soothing. The invariably engaging guitar (Cody Hoffman), heart-thumping bass (Brent Lindblad), and hard-hitting drums (Eric Sommers and Jason Hirt) on each track combine perfectly with the vocals, forming a cohesive album that rock fans of all generations will definitely love.

Forgive me in advance for all of the doting, but I feel it’s necessary. Not only do I think Stef w/ an F has an incredible voice, I am now officially a massive fan of her lyric-writing. There is something very personal in all of the lyrics on “Pulling Teeth.” I would venture to guess that Stef w/ an F has been through some shit and you can hear a sense of triumph and failure in her music that’s incomparably relatable. The end result is a passionate album which I will definitely keep in rotation for a while.

Slaughter Party’s “Psychos In Love” Is Beautifully Terrifying

Slaughter Party Psychos in Love Album Art

By Jeremy Handel

Take every single awesome punk band you’ve ever heard, add some demonic, serial killer lyrics, and you have Slaughter Party’s new album “Psychos In Love.” As one who is truly entertained by the dark and utterly macabre, the perfectly titled album aggressively pays homage to that which I hold dear. Usually, when I find an album I like, there are always a couple songs I pick as my initial faves. For “Psychos In Love,” a few you’ll want to pay attention to on the first listen include, “Demon Days,” “Dumpster Kisses,” and “Rotten Holiday.”

Before we get into the mood the album cultivates, let’s talk specifics. This is the first time I’ve had the opportunity to listen to Slaughter Party, and I immediately noted that they have a knack for writing catchy punk instrumentals and melodies. Pick any guitar riff or solo on the album and I can all but guarantee you’ll hear it too. The vocals have just the right amount of rasp at times to deliver the lyrics in a way that travels through your eardrums and sticks in your brain like a welcomed piece of old gum. The basslines have a hard crunch to them that adds dimension to each song. For fans of percussion, I particularly enjoyed the way the precision drumming on “Psychos In Love” cements every song, holding each one together like Krazy Glue (pun intended).

Slaughter Party could not have picked a more apropos title for their latest album. On the surface, “horror-core love songs” may seem like an oxymoron to the laymen. However, if you are looking for the encapsulation of what it would be like if say…Ed Kemper or Jack The Ripper possessed the capacity to love a person in the Shakespearean-romantic sense of the word, “Psychos In Love” will get you there without issue. Every song on “Psychos In Love” is beautifully terrifying in a way that you rarely find outside of hardcore death metal. In that way, this album will definitely appeal to a wide variety of listeners, whether they are into punk, the horror genre, both, or neither.

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In The Red’s New Video for “New World”

By Coren Mcleod

Even though they’ve cultivated a legion of fans that can’t stop screaming their name, IN THE RED has only just begun.

Hailing from the East Coast, IN THE RED belts out killer hooks, aggressive guitars, astounding drum beats, and stellar bass lines. Cody (lead singer) Peter (Guitar, Vox) Art (Bass) and John (Drums, Vox) are ready to take on “The New World” with their new song dropping on March 30th, 2018.

With a sound that pays homage to the talents of Sevendust, Godsmack and Red Sun Rising, IN THE RED stands out and makes no excuse for being true to their craft.

Combining fresh rock and metal, IN THE RED is assertive and powerful, and will melt your face with a live performance. IN THE RED is not afraid to say “screw society’s standards! Let’s just throw the horns!!!!”

In the past few years, IN THE RED has released songs several songs that true metalheads will definitely want to listen to including, “Bad Apple,” “The Enemy” and “Good Girl.”

IN THE RED’S album “New Blood” made it to #14 in 2017 on UnRated Magazine’s Top 40. This is a huge accomplishment considering this band is self-made and will take on every en-devour.

The new video for “New World” will solidify IN THE RED as a band to watch and to support for years to come!!!

Jury of Fears Makes a Classic Their Own with Paint it Black

I can honestly say Chicago’s own Jury Of Fears has been my inspiration since the first time I met this talented group of musicians.

Jury Of Fears has been that jolt of life that the Chicagoland metal scene has been looking for. Their first single – #Deadbeat – took off like wildfire, with playtime on Rock Rage Radio and stations in Texas, Pennsylvania and even Australia!!! They love JOF down under!

Their dedication to their metal craft is clear as crystal when you see Jury of Fears live. Energetic and fierce, Jury Of Fears makes you want to stand up and say #Fuckyeah to breathing life back into rock!

Now that they’ve perfected their sound and played a myriad of shows, Jury of Fears will be releasing their cover of the Rolling Stones classic, “Paint it Black” on May 11th.

I have always loved this song, especially with the eerie subject matter it refers to. I am proud to say I have heard the track and it hits aggressively on so many levels!!!!

Justin, the leading force, uses his husky vocals to give a haunting vibe to the song. Make sure to pay particular attention to the ending of the song where Justin is singing “la la la la…” It gives me goosebumps each time and I fucking love it.

Shea always impresses me. He has a gentle soul but is such a demon playing his #espguitar you would think he sold his soul at the crossroads. Shea is one hell of a composer and his skill on full display with #paintitblack.

Mike’s lingering bass line really shines through on “Paint it Black”. Each purposeful note wails with a subtle hint of intent. Well done Mike!

The #badass, take-no-prisoners drummer Stefan has evil written all over him. I’ll throw it out there and say Jimmy Chamberlain is my favorite drummer. However, Stefan is now in my top 5. I’m floored by his timing and hard hitting beats in #paintitblack. Listen closely to a small solo he plays. Its astounding!

Go to Jury Of Fears Facebook and their event page to catch the brand new music video for #paintitblack done by Rob Harwood.

The world will be chanting #paintitblack once you open your ears to how Jury Of Fears made this classic truly their own!!!

Review Of Meka Nism’s New Album “The War Inside”

Meka Nism Releases “The War Inside” with An Aggressive New Approach to #ArtMetal

By: Coren E. McLeod

Sometimes you find something that is so captivating, you want to hold on to it forever. That is what Orlando’s own #artmetal band Meka Nism is to me. That place in my life that will always be near and dear to my heart. My beginnings as a journalist all started with this phenomenal band in the burbs of Palatine, Il at Durty Nellies back in 2015.

A lot can change in 3 years. Band members leave, attitudes change, and new music emerges as a result. With their new album, Meka Nism takes on issues of politics, depression, and relationships and turns it into an album that holds the mirror up to modern society.

Meka Nism flew all the way to Germany to record their new album “The War Inside” – available May 11th, 2018. Traveling gave the band a whole new perspective on life on the other side of the world. I remember keeping in contact with Bobby and Meka during this time and I loved hearing about their exploits. With the dark culture and eerie history, it gave Meka Nism the inspiration they needed to write their new album.

“The War Inside” takes Meka and her vocals to another level. her incredible vocal style shines through on the whole album, but I was especially surprised by the song “Trailblazer.” Meka is a good-natured and beautiful soul and she believes in the way of the Shaman. However, when you put this fierce woman behind a microphone you see a strong, independent person that will slay you away with her deeply emotional lyrics. You hear it with every cry and every roar Meka sends through her vocal cords. “Trailblazer” sounds like Meka is singing both parts. But, if you listen closely, she is actually backed up by new member and drummer Chris. A great tune with hard-hitting beats. Plus, I know a music video will be dropping soon. Which makes “Trailblazer” even more epic.

I took an immediate liking to “These Years of Silent Screams…” The lyrics give me chills and make me think of some the dark days I’ve had to overcome in my life. I love how Jay’s keyboards make a stunning impact not only on this song but the album as a whole. His talent shines through a lot on this new #EP and he deserves a huge #Bravo.

My #meltyourface pick that will take you for the ride of a lifetime is definitely to be the title track from the album. The video for “The War Inside” is astounding, hardcore and simply ravaging. Meka looks like a total beauty goth queen with her marvelous makeup and wicked outfit choices. Again, Meka is at war with herself in this song. Her singing is soft and beautifully evil.

Bobby the #espmaster reminds me of a man at his wit’s end, contemplating life through his guitar. He plays so vigorously, you’d think he was about to break his guitar. I love his riff from #StellarKeller. It hits you hard and makes a bold statement about the way the rest of “The War Inside” will go. Jarret’s bass lines are smooth and make that subtle impact everybody wants from a metal musician. Something that slaps you in the face but makes you want to keep listening, even though your cheek hurts.

Overall, Meka Nism took all the right steps to make an album that leaves an impact on everyone who listens. We all need music out there that offers an outlet for us to rage!!!! Pick up #TheWarInside and get ready to fight those battles!!!!

Check out Meka Nism on Facebook.