Tantric Illuminates in New Video for “Angry” as they Land in Europe for Tour By: Coren E. McLeod

With an unfiltered, take no prisoners attitude, Tantric has been living in the glory of their astonishing album 2018’s “Mercury Retrograde.”   With relentless, nonstop touring across the United States, Tantric is ending the year 2019 on a high note landing in Europe playing shows for the first time overseas.

And with the release of the mesmerizing music video for “Angry,” Hugo, Jaron, Baz and Ian illuminates with a high energy performance displaying all their natural talent in a 2 minute 55 second clip.  Each member of the “new” Tantric excels with a highly choreographed light show grasping the authentic feel of what fans would encounter at a live show:  a true hardcore rock show leaving you exhausted and drained.  Yet, you depart the venue asking, “When is Tantric coming back to town?”

From the first few seconds of the screeching guitar with the heavy beats of the thumping drums, “Angry” is intense, mysterious and kicks you in the stomach with no regrets in the lyrics alone.  “Angry” was a stand out for me and I love the fact it was released as a music video.

With me being a huge, dedicated fan for about 20 years, watching Hugo perform especially in this video shows the front man at his finest.  Hugo has charismatic stage presence hovering over the crowd playing into what every lady loves about him.  He has a few rough edges and a gritty voice.  That is what makes Hugo the rock star many try to follow and few who can mimic him.  The video for “Angry” displays that so well about Hugo.

The never ending bass player Jaron embodies what the 80’s era was all about:  having a feverishly vigorous performance with a great leather jacket.  One could witness Jaron having the time of his life slapping the bass striding across the floor with such ease.  The hair flipping between Jaron and Baz is on full display especially when the two come together to jam out and just enjoy the moment of living their dream in the video.

Baz is a highly accomplished guitar player and you see a smile come across his face in “Angry.”  (Isn’t it ironic?)  He is very much enjoying himself with his distressed jeans and stylish tank top. His solo in “Angry” packs a punch with a few key strokes and making it a perfect platform for Hugo to “rap” in the middle of the song:

“Is it because that you want to
Never give up on your dreams that
You have made everything at war
Known to belearn as a known fact
Natural to always want more
Promise they made me but not grasped
That’s what we started this shit for
Not to waste you’re such a snake boy
That’s why we started it”

The camera captures each guy of Tantric in their best light and Ian is no exception.  Being behind the drums does not hold back what this man is capable of.  Ian strives to perfect rock-solid throbbing notes reaching out in a massive mode. 

The direction of “Angry” for sure takes Tantric to that next level of stardom and it is a very well accomplished music video. The camera angles are fierce and innovative playing along a colorful lighting system. I recommend playing “Angry” over and over again to get you pumped. It maybe influences you to go into a mosh pit. 

Congrats to Tantric and all the wonderful success they had for the year 2019!!!!  As for 2020, it will be even better!!!!!

Tantric Announces European Tour Pavement Entertainment

Rock band Tantric will soon embark on a European tour, entitled The First Stumble Tour. The tour starts on November 29th and spans to December 13th. The band is going to make several stops in the United Kingdom. From there, Tantric will make its way through the Netherlands, Amsterdam, Germany, Austria, and France. The tour will conclude in Switzerland.
Tantric’s latest full-length album, Mercury Retrograde, is the follow up the 2014 Blue Room Archives release. Mercury Retrograde is available through Pavement Entertainment and features the perfect blend of both heavy and melodic tunes.
Tantric originally hails from Louisville, Kentucky. The band consists of founding vocalist Hugo Ferreira, drummer Ian Corabi, bassist Jaron Gulino, and guitarist Sebastian LaBar.
For tickets and VIP packages, visit Tantric’s Facebook.

iTunes: apple.co/2x0ZxFgAmazon: amzn.to/2x0ZPvDSpotify: spoti.fi/2P9AV43
“Letting Go”

Tantric Shatters Expectations at BaseCamp in Lisle, Illinois on June 21 st , 2019 for #MUDDFEST

It is without a doubt that when a band is on tour, they want to exceed expectations since their last performance. On Friday, June 21st, that is what happened with Alternative Metal band Tantric from Kentucky.  Currently, they are on the road with other acts like Saving Abel, Trapt, Saliva and Puddle of Mudd. The tour made a stop at Lisle, Illinois’ own BaseCamp Pub and Eatery. The locals were ready for a festive Friday night after a grueling work week.  BaseCamp was packed and ready for a good time.  

Chicagoland is known for big names, especially in the metal/ alternative realm of music:  Smashing Pumpkins, Disturbed, and even Chevelle. Tantric slays whenever they arrive into town and that is exactly what they did to the audience at BaseCamp for #MuddFest.

With a brand new drummer, Tantric is touring in support of their latest album, “Mercury Retrograde,” which is still casting a phenomenal spell over the airwaves and their loyal fans.  BaseCamp was filled from wall-to-wall with an abundance of Truly Hard Spiked Sparkling Water on hand to keep the carbs low and the rock energy high.

The eyeliner was thick among women/men and the humidity made for a sweaty situation.  Yet, there was a sense of joy and a hard party vibe which was about to explode!

The stage was ready for Hugo (singer), Jaron (bass player), Baz (lead guitar) and Ian (drummer).  Once you hear the opening violins of “Down and Out,” you get chills!!! You know what is about to go #down….  (See what I did there???? #Iamfunny #lol)

Hugo picks up the microphone and the first words he sings, “I am coming up for air so I can check myself,” reminds you of the truth, which are behind the lyrics of all Tantric songs.  Hugo’s voice is legendary: deep, soulful and sexy. He appeals to women with his swagger and men wish they can embody that. With a career that spans over 2 decades, Hugo deserves the recognition of being a marvelous front man that I have been a fan of since 2002.

There was for sure something in the air that night.  Maybe it was because it was the first day of summer. Jaron has a very commanding presence on stage.  He is a master at his Fender Bass Guitar and this is coming from a chick who has always thought Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers was the bass player that everyone should take lessons from. However, watch Jaron when he plays, “Astounded.” He is aggressive, precise, and hits every note with power.  It is mesmerizing and shows an incredible amount of energy. #Cheers to you Mr. Man!!!!!

There is no question that Baz plays his Gibson guitar with a vengeance.  You see the passion, dedication, and his beautiful hair, delightful, drifting through the wind as he drives home every Tantric song.  Many jaws drop and you feel as if your body is about to shatter, especially during the hit “Breakdown.” (#Goodtimes…)

With a new drummer hailing from LA, Ian ignites a new vigor in Tantric.  Ian is heavily tattooed and smashes his cymbals during every song. His arms fly everywhere, but he is still true to Tantric’s overall vision:  Post Grunge magic accompanied by very talented musicians. #truefanhere

The end of Tantric’s session when they play live is just awesome; their finale is a very close and personal song that I tend to get emotional over.  “Mourning” has turned into romantic yet teary song which incorporates a little bit of a jam session. This helps to keep things fresh and inviting. All of the audience is engaged and loves its different feel, a standout from the songs that  Tantric is normally known for…

Honestly, I cannot get enough of Tantric.  I tell my coworkers, clients and friends/family that if Tantric is in town, you can expect me to be at their show without question. I will be dancing, jumping up and down, plus singing every word to every song.  It is what I do and is a release for the stress that I encounter in my everyday life.

Make sure to catch Tantric on tour with #MUDDFEST.  They are coming back to Illinois on July 5th with Saliva to play Top Fuel Saloon in Braidwood.  Get your tickets NOW!!!!!

And bring Mountain Dew…  ☺  #justsaying 

Tantric Walks The Plank at Tailgaters in Bolingbrook, Illinois on April 11th, 2019

On Thursday, April 11th, 2019, Tantric, who I have been a fan of for the past 20 or so years, came into town and I was ready to be free.

Tantric is coming off a great 2018 with their impeccable album Mercury Retrograde released on October 5th, 2018. The guys in #Tantric are beyond brilliant and have been touring all over the United States nonstop. With that, it gives fans every opportunity to see them live and to experience the speculator thrills which is Tantric.

The crowd that Thursday night was full of energy. Tailgaters were packed with people preparing themselves to drink, party and celebrate this thing called #rockandroll. I love the anticipation right before a band officially hits the stage. Tantric is no exception. Even though I’ve seen the group over ten times, it always fills me with enthusiasm. Looking around, I had seen many emotions from the crowd.

That moment arrived at 9:00 p.m. The chords of the smash hit “Down and Out” rang out and massive screams echoed throughout the room. Tantric stepped onto the stage with confidence and knew it was their night to dominate.

If you know Tantric, you recognize lead singer and frontman Hugo’s legendary, husky voice. The ladies seem to adore him and every move he makes. Hugo sings favorites from the past and seamlessly brings out new material. His ability to spot a Saliva hat is impeccable – it’s nice to see other bands supporting one another.

The tall and relaxed bass player Jaron is awe-inspiring to watch. He is all over the stage playing his Fender bass. Jaron gives it his all while still enjoying every aspect of the performance. His dedication is seen and very much respected by all. Plus, the new red jacket he is wearing as of late makes a great statement. #loveit

Then there is Sebastian, the quiet and reserved lead guitar player who will wail on stage. Sebastian is not one to question his ability to play guitar. He can play and will leave you wanting more! The smile that crosses his face expresses the sheer enjoyment he gets out of being a musician. And believe me when I say his dad is especially proud of his son! (Look up this band called Cinderella. You may have heard of them.)

Nick, the drummer, brings energy on a new level. He may be in the background but you know he is there. With every beat, cymbal thrash and thump, Nick adds a unique element to Tantric. He plays into the audience by singing along and standing up while playing which you do not typically see from a drummer.

The standouts for that night were “Angry,” “Lie Awake, “Astounded,” “Is This Love?” (Whitesnake Cover), and the tearjerker “Mourning” to close the set. Everyone was singing along to all the songs. At one point, Jaron and Sebastian decided to play next to each other on what seemed to be two dining room tables pushed together. I saw a look of exhilaration and also a, “what the hell are we doing?” look on their faces. It was more than clear that Jaron and Sebastian were having fun. The two walked the plank and were able to joke about it later.

Overall, Tantric is an inspiration to many, including myself. Everyone gets to that point in their lives where you know what you were meant to do and for Tantric, it is to keep performing the hell out of each show! Tantric overall is what every band out there should strive to be. There may be tough times in this crazy music industry. Just keep in mind, keep moving forward, and you will be at the level Tantric is!!!!

Congrats guys!!!!!

Catch Tantric on tour as they join Puddle of Mudd, Saliva, and Trapt for #Muddfest.

Check out Tantricofficial.com, their Facebook page and Instagram for more details.

VYSE Puts it Out on the Line at Cobra Lounge for Battle for Waken Open Air

Winter 2019 in the grand city of Chicago has been a truly wicked one. In fact, it has been so freakishly cold, many would rather stay hibernating than dare to brave the weather. However, that was not the case on Saturday, February 23rd at the legendary Cobra Lounge Music Venue. Despite the frigid weather, the Battle for Wacken Open Air competition was taking place and a surge of people dressed in their torn-up best went to Cobra Lounge to throw the horns for their favorite band.

At this year’s event, local Chicago bands faced off for a chance to compete at the 30th Annual Wacken Open Air in Wacken, Germany August 1st-3rd.

Lead singer Travis fronts the band with a smooth yet fierce confidence that adds a lot to his stage presence. His vocal range and melodies bring a sense of fear to each song he belts. His eyes express emotion and you can tell he feels a connection to each word passing his lips.

Alen is an energetic and charming lead guitar player. He is not afraid to show his chops while performing a guitar solo. Undoubtedly alive in each moment, his energy forces you to pay attention to each note he plays.

The ever-serious Tyler is the silent but deadly bass player who commands the stage.  His bass playing is impeccable. Tyler understands how to balance his performance with just the right amount of assertiveness.

Nathan is a force to be reckoned with. He thrashes his drums like it’s his duty and he’s not ashamed of showing it. Judging by the huge smile across his face, being behind the drum set is Nathan in his element.  

For the guys of VYSE, The Battle of Wacken Open Air was an important milestone and one hell of an opportunity. The lineup was fierce and no one was backing down without a fight. It was time to show the city of Chicago what VYSE was all about.

As Travis got on the stage, the crowd braced itself for a true metal throw down.

I witnessed VYSE at the top of their game that night. Each member had a take-no-prisoners attitude and the crowd’s energy reflected it like a brand new mirror.  

Most pits formed for VYSE as they performed “Grievances,” “Vice,” and “Neurotic.”  

Their performance at Cobra Lounge was met with roaring applause and yells of “HELL YEAH.” The crowd seemed very optimistic that VYSE won the competition.

However, let this be a lesson to you all out there:  VYSE held their head high even though they did not take the win. They were honored to be able to play this awesome event and to display what they are all about. I am truly proud of the guys of VYSE and only see great things happening for them. Make sure to check out VYSE live if you ever have the chance, You will be astounded.

The lineup included: American Slang, Bizzard Tim, Fierce Atmospheres, Heart of Jordan, H€\/rais€ha, Terranaut, Toxic Ruin, The Untold and Vyse




Tantric Hits the Stage With A Song From Their Upcoming Release: Mercury Retrograde

By: Margo Anderson

This weekend, I had the extreme pleasure of seeing one of the greatest bands in the history of rock: Tantric! After a day basking by the pool with their fans at BaseCamp in Lisle, IL, Hugo Ferreira, Jaron Gulino, Sebastian LaBar and Troy Patrick Farrell bounded on stage in high spirits. The positive energy before the show was so thick you could almost see it hanging in the air above the stage. Watching one of my favorite bands rip through their set like a local band trying to prove themselves to their audience was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

The excitement I felt when the lights went down was palpable and electric. Goosebumps arrived as soon as Tantric hit the stage and didn’t leave for the duration of the set. They kicked off the show with the fan (and personal) favorite, “Down and Out” from their 2008 release, The End Begins and the crowd went absolutely nuts. Including “Live Your Life”, “Breakdown”, “Astounded” and “Mourning”, the band played hit after hit. The crowd was enamored with “Angry,” a track off of their upcoming release, Mercury Retrograde.

Hugo, with his charm and unmistakable voice, enraptured us with his passionate and enthusiastic performance. Jaron was simply mesmerizing to watch as he laid down basslines like a rock god. Sebastian strummed out killer guitar riffs and destroyed every solo like a wrecking ball. Troy drove us wild with his precision percussion. It left us fans with a hunger for their new album.

The show left me with an intense hunger for more Tantric! Anyone looking for an impressive performance will definitely want to catch a Tantric concert. Whether they are opening or headlining the night, they put on one of the best shows around. They are also some of the nicest, most genuine men around, always eager to have a chat and connect with us fans. They make a concerted effort to make sure their fans know they’re approachable.

Singing along to all my favorite songs and watching the band play them to perfection was easily the best part of the night. I left an ecstatic Tantric fan that will continue to love their hardcore sound until the end, which I hope is never. I can’t wait to hear Mercury Retrograde when it comes out on October 5! Do yourself a favor, support Tantric and buy the album. If the rest of the album is anything close to the song we heard, we are in for a treat!