Beans On Toast Debuts New Single/Video “Alexa”

British folk/indie singer-songwriter BEANS ON TOAST is debuting his new single and video for “Alexa.”

The track and it’s accompanying animated video (created using discarded Amazon boxes) is a commentary/cautionary tale that examines the future of voice-activated Internet and oncoming Amazon world domination.

Kicking things off with this spoken interlude from Beans: “This one’s got an intro that goes “ALEXA play Beans on Toast… ALEXA” so nobody can listen to it on their Amazon Echo”, the track is funny but thought-provoking– one of Beans trademarks.


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“Alexa” appears his 10th studio album “A Bird In The Hand,” set for release on December 1st.

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Watch for Beans On Toast to announce North American tour dates in 2019.

For “A Bird In The Hand,” Beans got back in touch with Ben Lovett of Mumford & Sons, who had produced his first album a decade ago, and together they hatched a plan.

Utilizing the hospitality of Lovett (whose band were spending much of their time at London’s legendary Church Studios making their next record), Beans found himself enjoying the same incredible facilities during off days and late nights, to lay down “A Bird In Hand,” along with with the help of in-house engineer, Riley MacIntyre.

Calling in mutual friends, Ben and Beans arranged a team of incredible musicians, including Mumford & Sons’ live drummer Chris Mass and Dutch artist Christof van der Ven on guitar. Ted Dwane offered bass on a couple of tracks, and Ben himself took up piano and production duties to bring a clear, contemporary, and unique vision to the Beans’ songs. The result is arguably Beans on Toast’s finest album to date. The album is diverse, easily switching between folk ballads, punk bangers, and swing numbers without ever losing sight of itself or it’s listener.

A lot has changed in the years since the debut album, in both the world and also in Beans’ personal life, this is reflected in both the sound and the subject matter of this new album. Most notably in the stand out track and third single ‘MAGIC’, a song about the birth of his daughter earlier this year. An emotional and honest account of what can usually be a difficult subject to tackle, Beans achieves this without being crass or soppy, almost a trademark of his these days.

Songs about his daughter are scattered through the album, such as the aforementioned first single ‘ANOTHER YEAR,’ and ‘HERE AT HOMERTON HOSPITAL’ an ode to the East London institution where she was born and its wonderful staff.

There are no songs about getting intoxicated and, surprisingly, not a single profanity on the entire album. This wasn’t purposeful and was actually pointed out after the album had been mastered. However, that doesn’t mean Beans has run out of things to say about the world.

Over the course of his huge career Beans has become something of a cult national treasure. What seemed like a throwaway festival act has evolved into something much more important, a voice of truth and honesty, cutting through the bullshit. A consistent and reliable modern-day troubadour, not afraid to speak his mind. Always touring, always writing, recording and releasing music. Playing every festival under the sun and always, always, telling it like it is.

When asked if he thought this was a political record, Beans said:

“I think everyone already knows where I stand on Trump and Brexit, and if not, they can listen to my last two albums. This album is more personal I guess, focusing on family and the world on my doorstep. That’s where my heads been this last year”

Commenting on working with Ben Lovett:

“I have so much respect for Ben. I couldn’t quite believe he said yes when I asked him if he fancied doing another record. I presumed he’d be way too busy, but somehow he managed to find the time. I thought he was joking when he said he’d sorted it for us to work in The Church Studios. Not only were we in such a legendary space to record, but we also had all of Mumford’s guitars and instruments set up, mic’ed up and ready to go. It might just be the biggest blag I’ve ever pulled. Punching well above my weight. The sessions had a really special magic about them and Ben took my songs into new waters. I’m well happy with the record. I can’t wait for people to hear it. I also can’t wait to make another 10 records.”

‘A Bird in the Hand’ is a celebration of love, life, family and the world in which we live. It’s about appreciating what we have and in that, it is a triumph.

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Keith Wallen Releases New Single “Four Letter Words”

Alt-Pop solo artist Keith Wallen released his second single titled “Four Letter Words” on October 26th. Wallen, who will be continuously recording new music, previously released “Summer Sunday” on August 3, 2018 and in addition, just signed a publishing deal with BMG.

“Four Letter Words” is available at:

The official music video for “Four Letter Words” can be seen here:

Wallen’s latest efforts are a sonic departure from his current sounds as guitarist and backup vocalist with Breaking Benjamin, but only temporary as his hard rock roots remain intact.

“At this stage of my career, I’m very grateful to be able to write and release all kinds of different songs and music. This new song ‘Four Letter Words’ was the first song that I wrote with my friend and producer Colin Brittain and I’m really excited for everyone to hear it! The video also adds a cool aspect to the release, whereas the director and I wanted to have a lot of different imagery to show different ranges of emotion. Whether it’s a smoldering rose or a moment of peaceful Milky Way clarity, the director Courtney Dellafiora did a great job of marrying cinematic visuals to the music.”

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Black List Regulars Release “Beyond”

The lack of music opportunities for rock musicians and corrupt political climates led the members of Blacklist Regulars to leave their respective countries and come together in Chicago IL. The search for like-minded musicians paired Ireland native Luke Keating – and his Alice in Chains-inspired vocals – with the screaming guitars and tight rhythms of Venezuelan band members Arturo Banus, Tomas Zabala, and Alejandro Zabala.

The groups new single, “Beyond” is a hard-hitting and melodic track that encourages the listener to let go of past pains as Keating pleads for a place somewhere without his muse; somewhere beyond.

“Sometimes we hold on so tight to the things that cause pain because it’s so familiar to us. We tell ourselves that this is how it is. But we only grow by experiencing discomfort in the unknown.” says Keating.

“Beyond” is available September 21st and is the first single from the group’s debut full-length record “Through The Blast” out later this year. With a nod to bands like Soundgarden and Stone Temple Pilots, Blacklist Regulars provide a modern twist on the hard rock genre.

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